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Body Applications

There are three basic ways to classify medicinal herbs: those taken internally, applied externally, and inhaled. Many, though, fall under two or even all three of these classifications. Herbal drugs can have from two to as many as 40 different ingredients, which are also classified by species and medicinal attributes.

Many of the herbs listed below have already been cited for their internal curative properties. Often, while a certain fruit can make a refreshing snack or beverage, other parts of the plant offer very effective skin, body, and hair treatments.

Aloe Vera (Wan Hang Jorakhe)
The gel extracted from the leaves is high in
vitamin E. It’s an excellent treatment for burns and sunburn, as well as dry, flaky skin.

Basil (Horapha)
It works wonderfully to refresh the senses and relieve exhaustion.

Camphor (Kalabun)
The leaves are used in steam baths, and a white powder can be extracted from the tree, which, because of its cool, refreshing scent, relieves cold symptoms.

Cassumunar (Phlai)
A ginger-like rhizome, it is ground and boiled and then applied as a compress to relieve pain and reduce swelling. The oil is also used as a scalp conditioner and in aromatherapy.

Jasmine (Mali)
The scented oil and aroma can be soothing
in tea.

Lemon Grass(Takhrai)
After squeezing juice from stalks, apply to hair to treat dandruff and stimulate hair growth.

Lime (Manao)
The juice treats acne and skin infections

Loofa / Dried Gourd (Buap)
An excellent exfoliating sponge because of its thick fibers.

Mangosteen (Mangkut)
After boiling the peels in water, apply the water to the skin to treat infection and remove dark facial marks.

Red Lime (Nam Pun Sai)
An excellent deodorant, it also relieves inflammation.

Rice (Khao)
In addition to being the main staple of the Thai diet, it makes an excellent natural body scrub when it’s uncooked and dry.

Sea Salt (Kluea)
Another very effective natural body scrub, usually mixed with essential oils.

Sesame (Nga)
The oil is an excellent moisturizer, as it softens skin.
Coconut (Maphrao)
The oil softens and restores damaged hair.

Frangipani (Lanthom)
A plant often found flowering in Buddhist temples, the sweet aroma creates a very serene ambiance.

Guava (Farang)
After boiling the leaves, gargle to remove bad breath.

Gourd Leaf (Bai Buap)
Used in a body wrap for its excellent moisturizing properties, it can also soothe skin irritations.

Kaffir (Makrut)
The fruit juice is an excellent remedy for dandruff, while stimulating hair growth. After applying, rinse after three minutes with clean water.

Menthol (Pimsen)
Often used in herbal steams, with a fragrance much like camphor, it relieves coughs and cold symptoms.

Mint (Saranae)
In addition to being a refreshing tea, the oil is used to invigorate the senses in aromatherapy.

Papaya (Malako)
Because of its AHA content, it is a popular ingredient in body wrap exfoliate and treatments.

Pineapple (Sapparot)
The fruit rubbed on the skin is a excellent facial cleanser. After rubbing it on, rinse with warm water.

Tamarind (Makham)
Applied as a paste, the fruit cleanses and nourishes the skin.

Thai Copper Pod / Cassod (Khilek)
Boil the leaves in water and then apply to hair as a shampoo to treat dandruff and leave hair soft and glossy.

Tumeric (Khamin)
Grind and mix the powder in water to relieve rashes.

White Turnip (Hua Phakkat)
Rub thin slices of the root on the face to remove freckles.

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