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Juices & Herbs

There are three basic ways to classify medicinal herbs: those taken internally, applied externally, and inhaled. Many, though, fall under two or even all three of these classifications. Herbal drugs can have from two to as many as 40 different ingredients, which are also classified by species and medicinal attributes.

A good juicer that’s easy to clean is a big help, and even a necessity, in producing some of these beverages. Then, a blender is useful for mixing your favorites, either after juicing or chopping them up into small pieces.

Aloe Vera (Wan Hang Jorakhe)
Relieves peptic ulcers and aids digestion. Also high in vitamin E, it accelerates healing and improves the complexion.

Asiatic Pennywort (Bua Bok)
Very bitter, it is rich in vitamin A and well known as a remedy for internal injuries and wounds. It is also applied to accelerate the healing of burns and eczema, as it helps to prevent scars.

Bael Fruit (Mathum)
Unripe, it is an astringent and tonic; when ripe, it is a mild laxative. It also increases appetite while relieving thirst. Contains vitamin A, calcium, and phosphorus.

Coconut (Ma Phrao)
Removes toxins, flushing the kidneys and bladder. High in phosphorus, calcium, and carbohydrates.

Ginger (Khing)
Improves circulation and relieves nausea.

Guava (Farang)
Cures diarrhea and indigestion. High in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, and C, and iron and calcium.

Lemon Grass (Takhrai)
While the roots act as a diuretic and relieve diarrhea and gas, the plant is used to treat asthma, as it’s rich in menthol and camphor. It’s also high in vitamin A, calcium, and phosphoric acid.

Pandan / Screw Pine (Toei Hom)
A refreshing beverage on hot days can be produced from the leaves, which are also known for treating eczema. The plant itself is an excellent diuretic and the roots an
anti-diabetic. Also reduces swelling when applied as a compress.

Papaya (Malako)
The unripe fruit relieves peptic ulcers, and unripe or ripe, it aids digestion. It’s also high in vitamin A and C.

Passion Fruit (Saowarot)
High in vitamin C and natural sugars.

Pineapple (Sapparot)
Aids digestion and improves menstruation. High in vitamin B and C, calcium, and magnesium.

Sugar Cane (Oi)
High in fructose, it boosts energy. Also relieves coughs and is a diuretic

Thai Copper Pod / Cassod (Khilek)
A remedy for insomnia, it also relieves constipation.

Sugar Palm (Tan)
Relieves fever and thirst. High in vitamin C and phosphorus.
Banana (Kluai)
Every part of the banana, from root to tree, leaf and flower, as well as the fruit has medicinal properties. The roots are a diuretic, the sap an astringent, and the leaves can even stop bleeding. While the unripe fruit is also an astringent, the ripe fruit is an excellent laxative.

Champak (Champi)
Another favorite, sweet, fragrant night flower, it reduces body temperature and stimulates the heart.

Chrysanthemum (Kek Huai)
Drunk hot or cold, it eases heartburn and reduces body heat.

Lime (Manao)
Dissolves phlegm and dislodges parasitic worms, and reduces fever and reduces thirst. High in vitamin A and C.

Mango (Mamuang)
Like the banana, the entire tree has medicinal attributes. The bark cures dysentery; the dried leaves stop diarrhea; and the fruit itself helps digest proteins. It’s also high in the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Mulberry (Mon)
Reduces sugar in blood as it refreshes. Also relieves sore throat.

Orange (Som)
High in vitamin A, B, and C, calcium, iron, and phosphorus.

Pomelo (Som O)
High in vitamin C and potassium.

Roselle (Krachiap)
Reduces fats in the blood and lowers body temperature. It works as a diuretic, reduces cholesterol, and destroys bile. And it’s high in vitamin A and C and citric acid.

Safflower (Khamfoi)
Reduces fats in the blood.

Star Fruit / Carambola (Mafueng)
Anti-diabetic, as it reduces sugarlevels. It is also a diuretic and relieves coughs. Refreshing in hot weather as well.

Tamarind (Makham)
An excellent laxative, it relieves indigestion and coughs, reducing phlegm in the colon and throat. High in vitamin A and C.

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